About the Designer

Hi! I'm Debi!

I do the 9-5 to pay my bills like so many others, and run a small business making nerdy bags, witchy stuff as well as a bunch of other things that take my fancy!

Nowadays, I’m obsessed with all things Witchcraft. I've always connected to spirituality more than religion and centre my focus around green magick. I still connect deeply with nerd culture; and currently make bags, bow ties, stitch markers, beeswax wraps etc. Basically anything nerdy, spooky, galactic, history bounding or, let’s be honest, if it involves a cute animal will probably be something I want to create!

I'm also a Cosplayer, you'll see a lot of costume builds on my social media. Add yourself to my Instagram to stay up to date with my goings on. I really have entirely too many hobbies to keep up with.

I've always had a love for recreating historical clothing. I taught myself to make corsets early on and then I just couldn't stop learning techniques to create new and interesting things. My biggest endeavour was building a Valkyrie costume complete with corset and mechanical wings designed out of actual comics.

Welcome to Darkly Designed. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them. :)

Feel free to follow on my socials or drop me a msg. I'd love to hear from you!