About the Designer

Hi! I'm Debi. I'm originally from Hamilton, but have now been residing in Toronto, Ontario since 1997. So I guess that makes me a Torontonian since I've been here longer! I do the 9-5 to pay my bills like so many others, and run a business the rest of the time making nerdy bags, beeswax wraps, knit items and provide supplies so you can make your own amazing things!
Oh, I'm also a Cosplayer, you'll see a lot of costume builds on my social media. I really just have entirely too many hobbies to keep up with.

I've always had a love for recreating historical clothing. I taught myself to make corsets early on and then I just couldn't stop learning techniques to create new and interesting things. My biggest endeavour was building a Valkyrie costume complete with corset and mechanical wings entirely made out of actual comics.

Nowadays, I’m obsessed with nerd culture, and currently make bags, bow ties, stitch markers, beeswax wraps, knit items to name a few. Basically anything nerdy, spooky, galactic, history bounding or, let’s be honest, if it involves a cute animal will probably be something I want to create!

Welcome to Darkly Designed. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them. :)

Feel free to follow on my socials or drop me a msg. I'd love to hear from you!