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Hi! I'm Debi. I'm a self-taught seamstress using my skills in a variety of settings for over 30+ years. However the personal need to discover and learn new (and old) techniques is too overpowering to ignore and I've gained knowledge in many different creative fields like prop building (including Worbla/foamwork), pottery, knitting, historical skills (including original knitting techniques, machine knitting, CSM, corset & hoop skirt making), resin work, bead work, wire work and chain maille to name a small handful.

I currently sell cotton bags/totes, spell jars, essential oil perfumes, embroidery, fibre work and resin work. Themes range from nerdy to spooky to galactic...or the occasional 'cute' inspiration.

I've been making costumes for a long, loooong time, but I started seriously making cosplay for conventions in 2010. My biggest creative endeavour was a Valkyrie costume made entirely out of comics on Worbla armour. I also hand made articulated wings and laser cut many many feathers out of comics! You'll see images around the site of cosplays I've made. If you'd like to see more in depth pictures of the process, check out the photo albums on my Facebook (link at the bottom of this page).



Ryerson University - Advanced Make-Up Artistry & Special Effects Certification 2017
Best in Show for Clockwork Droid Cosplay - London Comic-Con 2017
Best Masters Level for Historical Snow White Cosplay - Fan Expo 2021

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Photo by Harrison Tan
Photo by Harrison Tan