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Darkly Designed

Friendship Spell Jar

Friendship Spell Jar

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Find kinship and emotional healing with the Friendship Spell Jar. This pocket-sized spell is designed to encourage new friendships and manifest stronger bonds in existing friendships. 

Repeat this incantation three times and enjoy the sweetened, loyal, and happy relationships that will come your way:
With heart and mind I do now speak, Bring to me the one I seek,
Let this spell jar be the guide, Bring this new friend to my side.
(or ‘Renew this friendship at my side’ for a friendship already present)

Contents: pink salt (cleanse), clove (kinship), cinnamon (happiness), lavender (calmness), rose petals (attract happy friendships), sugar (sweeten friendships), dandelion (loyalty), rose quartz (trust/emotional healing), sealed with yellow or white wax and a charm (charm may vary)

NOTE: Do not take any contents internally. These are not to be used as a replacement for seeking proper medication attention. 

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