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Good Luck Spell Jar

Good Luck Spell Jar

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This Good Luck Spell Jar is your pocket-sized key to harnessing positive strength, good fortune and protection from bad luck. Useful as an extra boost when trying to pass that exam or simple have a great day! 

Incant this spell three times and feel the power of the elements work their magic:
The winds of change I feel tonight, the waters are calm and the sky is bright,
Luck be mine, come unto me, My desires are true; so mote it be.

Contents: basil (luck/money), pink salt (protection), rice (find treasure), yarrow (good fortune), bay leaf (good fortune), orange peel (love luck/strength in quests), peppermint essential oil (abundance/good fortune), fluorite crystal (reverse bad luck), sealed with green wax and a charm (charm may vary)

NOTE: Do not take any contents internally. These are not to be used as a replacement for seeking proper medication attention.

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