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Darkly Designed

Love Spell Jar

Love Spell Jar

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Bring passion, protection, and attraction into your life with a Love Spell Jar.
This pocket-sized spell comes pre-made and with the right incantation, your dreams of love and romance can come true.

Repeat this incantation 3 times while holding jar:
May the Goddess hear my plea, If this love is meant to be,
Turn my lover’s heart to me, As I do will; so mote it be.

Contents: rose petals (passion), lavender (love), pink salt (protection), cinnamon (shielding/warmth), glitter (attraction), rose quartz crystal (love), ylang ylang essential oil (love), sealed with red wax and a charm (charm may vary)

NOTE: Do not take any contents internally. These are not to be used as a replacement for seeking proper medication attention.


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