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Darkly Designed

Money & Prosperity Spell Jar

Money & Prosperity Spell Jar

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Overflow your cup with goodness with this ready-made Money & Prosperity Spell Jar!
Crafted to draw abundance and wealth, this pocket-sized spell contains the ingredients you need to focus your energies and manifest good things to come your way. 

Repeat this incantation 3 times and watch your wealth grow:
Lovely Lady of the moon, Bring to me your wealth right soon,
Fill my hands with silver and gold, All you give; my hands can hold.

Contents: 10 cent coin (draw money), wheat seeds (abundance), sugar (attract money), cloves (money/growth), basil (luck/money), juniper berry (prosperity), oats (prosperity/abundance), green aventurine crystal (prosperity), patchouli essential oil (money), sealed with green or gold wax and a charm (charm may vary)

NOTE: Do not take any contents internally. These are not to be used as a replacement for seeking proper medication attention.

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