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Protection Spell Jar

Protection Spell Jar

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Carry around divine protection in the form of this pocket-sized Protection spell.
Use it to cleanse negativity, boost immunity and ward off bad vibes. Keep it with you to remain safe and shield you from negative forces. A perfect tool for gifting and personal protection. 

Contents: salt (protection), cinnamon (shielding), paprika (break hex), pine needles (cleanse negativity), holly & berries (protection), black feather (protection), white sage (cleanse/protect), garlic (healing), Baltic amber (protection/immunity), bergamot essential oil (protection), fire agate crystal (shielding), sealed with black wax and a charm (charm may vary)

Repeat this incantation 3 times while holding jar:
The shield of protection, I carry it strong, no ill wishes or trouble, shall come along,
You cannot harm me or weaken my soul, my light is my weapon and peace is my goal.

Place under your bed to be most effective.

NOTE: Do not take any contents internally. These are not to be used as a replacement for seeking proper medication attention.

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